EU Funding in Culture; Tbilisi, 2010

Performing Arts' Marketing; Tbilisi, 2010

Benjamin, Pachokha; Tbilisi, 2011

Theses of the International Conference; 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Researches on Art Theory and Practice; 2012 N1

Researches on Art Theory and Practice; 2013 N2

Art Management: Entrepreneurial Style; Giep Hagoort, Tbilisi, 2014

Tadeusz Kantor, Theatrical Legacy; Tbilisi, 2015

Myth, history, parable in the English drama; Levan Khetaguri, Tbilisi, 2016

Choros Dialogues (international publication on Georgian and English languages); Tbilisi, 2016

British Historical Drama, by Levan Khetaguri, Tbilisi, 2016 (In Georgian language)

Arts and Culture Marketing, study book by Colbert, Translation in Georgian by professor Iuri Mgebrishvili, 2018







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