The aims of Arts Research Institute /ARI/ are research of Arts theories and practices both in Georgia and the worldwide through research projects, popularization of the Georgian culture in the world and integration Georgia in the world cultural heritage, organizing conferences, university study programs (as well supervising MA and PhD programs), round table discussions, open lectures, exhibitions, debates, festivals, various creative projects and publications. Institute operates since 2010. ARI is an important international center in arts theory and practice studies, attracts foreign colleagues to participate in joint researches, leading universities and arts schools.

Projects of Arts Research Institute are carried out in the following academic directions:

  • Theory and practice of performing arts, including drama, directing, stage design, etc.
  • Cinema, Music and Media Communication, Visual Art and Visual Anthropology
  • Culture Management, Cultural Policy, Cultural Tourism.


At the Institute there are: library and Culture Video Center, one of the largest and rich video archive in Caucasus, Publishing House ARI PRESS.

ARI is in close cooperation with different international partners and organizations and carries out some intercultural projects.


The following centers are in ARI:

  • World Theatre Theory and Practice Research Center;
  • Film and Media Communication Research Center;
  • Cultural Management, Cultural Tourism and Cultural Policy Research Center;
  • Shakespeare Research Center;
  • Arts, Visual Anthropology and Fixation Research Center;










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Arts Research Institute

19 Chavchavadze ave.

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