Dr. Professor, Nino Mkheidze

Member of academic board

Nino Mkheidze, Doctor in Art Studies (PhD), Associated Professor

From 2010 till today is acting as researcher of Arts Research Institute at Ilia State University, associated Professor. Heading the Cinema Critics’ Programme, I am teaching The World Cinema and Georgian Cinema History, Cinema Theory and Applied Cinema at Bachelor and Master Levels. I am tutoring and supervising 4 Ph.D. Candidates.

2013 Invited Professor for World Cinema History short course at GIPA;

2014 Participated in the Joint Programme of the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education “Cinema to Schools” (Mzkheta-Tianeti Region)

1993-2010 Worked as teacher and researcher at Tbilisi, ShotaRustaveli State Theater and Cinema University

2007-2010 Was chairing the Council of Representatives at Tbilisi, ShotaRustaveli State Theater and Cinema University

1988-1989 Ph.D. Candidate at Moscow State Cinema Institute

1986 Graduated from Tbilisi, ShotaRustaveli State Theater Institute

Different Years, Diverse Activities

2013, August Member of Georgian Delegation at Sarajevo International Film Festival;

2010-2014 Participated in the Selection Committee for the International Film Festival “Prometheus”;

2007 Participated in the Student Film Festival Mostra, Amsterdam SILECT;

2002-2005 Newsletter “ Kultura” one of the founders and editor;

2002 TV Company “Imedi”, editor;

2001-2002 TV Company “9th Channel”, Programmes’ Chief Editor;`

1998-1999 TV “Iberia”, Hosting TV Shows “Atalanta” and “Georgian Cinema of 90-ties~

1997 Member of Georgian Cinema Workers Union Board; .Member of Georgian Cinema Workers Union;

1990-1992 One of the founder of Georgian Newletters “Sarkmeli”, worked at Georgian Cinema Museum;

1989 Member of the International Women Cinema Union

Scientific Research


1. Systematizers at the beginning of the World Cinema;

2. Georgian TV movies at the current period;

3. Post-Soviet Georgian Cinema awaiting a hero;

4. Mikhail Kalatozishvili

5. Some aspects of the theory of film editing;

6. Posture or Position?

7. Interpretation by Werner Herzog of the play stage “Woyzeck” of Georg Büchner


Participation in Conferences

1. Bolshevo and Pitsunda Soviet Union National Conferences;

2. Jurmala International Women Film Conference;

3. Lecturing on Georgian Cinema in Washington D.C. and Boston, USA;

4. Cinema Department and Psychology Institute Joint Conference on “Psychology and Cinema”;

5. Cinema History and Theory research Center Conference on Georgian TB Problems;

6. Cinema Department and Cinema Union Conference on “Esthetics and Thematic Tendencies of the Georgian Cinema in last years- 2005-2012”

7. Scientific Conference “Processes developing in Georgian Culture in the 90-ties of the 20th Century”;

8. Sicentifi Conference “Contemporarily epoch and cinema process”



One of the authors

2006-2007 Georgian Film Directors _ Volume I, Part II, Tbilisi, ShotaRustaveli State Theater and Cinema University Press, Tbilisi.

2012 12 Best Georgian Movies of All Time, one of the Authors and Editing Committee member (in Georgian/English languages), Intermedia, Tbilisi

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